Posted on July 24, 2013

As part of supporting the Ministry of Interior’s national road safety campaign ‘One Second’, Qatargas supported a ‘Garangao’ night celebration organised by the Traffic Department at Hyatt Plaza on Tuesday as part of the Qatargas-sponsored Ramadan Road Safety campaign.

The event included theatre plays, traditional Garangao songs, and games that focused on children’s safety on road. The participants received bags of sweets and gifts. Garangao goodies and children’s toys were also distributed to children at the Hamad hospital. 

Garangao is a traditional mid-Ramadan celebration, which is special to the Gulf region. On this night, children roam around in their neighbourhoods singing traditional songs, special to the occasion, and receive a variety of gifts and bags of sweets from elders. Qatargasrecognises this tradition as an opportunity to educate youngsters on safety issues concerning them.

The Ramadan Road safety Campaign, being organized for the seventh consecutive year, is an initiative by the Traffic Department and supported exclusively by Qatargas. The month-long campaign focuses on raising national awareness on road safety in a bid to significantly reduce the number of accidents and casualties on Qatar’s roads.

Qatargas’ support for the Ramadan Road Safety campaign is a continuation of the company’s efforts in this area.  Promoting road safety is a key element of Qatargas’ corporate social responsibility programme.  Several activities are being carried out as part of this year’s Ramadan Road Safety Campaign for both adults and children.  Also during the final week of the campaign, infant car seats will be distributed to parents of new-born babies at Hamad Hospital.   

The campaign is designed to deliver basic road safety messages such as the importance of following traffic rules and regulations and being attentive while driving, dangers of speeding, hazards of not wearing seat belts, of using mobile phones while driving etc.  The key message is that road safety is everyone’s responsibility. 

For Qatargas, safety is a core value and a top priority in all areas of its business and operations.  The Company has a programme called “Incident and Injury Free” that focuses on taking all necessary precautions to prevent accidents and injuries before they occur and ensure that everyone goes home safely every day.  Road safety is an integral parts of the Company’s overall safety culture.