Posted on March 10, 2015

A patient who underwent full kidney transplant at Hamad General Hospital (HGH) has commended Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) transplant service, stating that it exceeds international standards.

Mr. Saad Al Rumaihi, a Qatari kidney transplant recipient said: “My initial thought was to get the operation done in Egypt, China, India or Pakistan, but I decided to undergo the transplant in Qatar at HGH, because I had heard very good things about the standard of doctors here.”

“From my experience, I can say that the organ transplant team at HGH is really among the world’s best when it comes to technique, experience and knowledge. During my time at the hospital, I had access to the best possible care both pre and post-operation.Doctors on rotation came to check up on me about five to six times a day after the surgery and I felt very well looked after. If I had had my surgery overseas, I don’t believe I would have been tended to more than once a day – from what my colleagues have informed me following their own experiences in other countries.”

Mr. Al Rumaihi explained that, in addition to his belief in Allah, his trust in HMC led him to choose to stay in Qatar for his operation. He said Dr. Riyadh Fadhil, Director of Qatar Organ Donation Center (Hiba) at HMC, was very helpful and explained the entire procedure to him before the surgery, ensuring him a full recovery by Allah’s command. According to Mr. Al Rumaihi, prior to the surgery he was afraid but, once in the operating room, his fear vanished as soon as he heard the anesthesiologist say: “In the Name of Allah, in Him we entrust.”

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The kidney that was transplanted in Mr. Al Rumaihi was received from a deceased organ donor, who had registered with Hiba during his lifetime to donate his organs in the event of his death. The donor’s second kidney was given to an Indian patient and his liver was donated to an Egyptian patient, all of whom have recovered excellently. Mr. Al Rumaihi commented: “I hope that all local and expatriate patients place their faith in the medical and surgical teams at HMC and trust in Allah; they will never find better treatment elsewhere.” He expressed his utmost gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Fadhil,as well as the surgical and nursing team, for their support to save patients lives and provide the best healthcare services in Qatar.