Posted on June 22, 2019

Qatar National Library hosted a travel adventure lecture with Qatari travel writer and television presenter, Ali Bin Towar Al Kuwari on 20 June.

The well-attended event was a forum for the host of the popular Arabic travel series, Khota El Rahala, to present interesting aspects of his global explorations and experiences. Al Kuwari shared his adventures in countries including Brazil, China, and Rwanda and his compelling personal observations about the diverse cultures and people he has encountered. The Library regularly hosts such events to recognize Qatar’s outstanding youth and individuals and offer a platform for educating the wider community.

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Al Kuwari said: “Qatar National Library took our research to a different level with giving us access to its rich learning material. We used the Library’s resources for a research about China for one of our programs, which has thirty episodes, and covers a variety of topics. We relied on the Library, and its staff members to guide us through its physical and online collections.” “The resources available at the Library’s collections are organized in a unique way and it is very easy to find the books you want to use. The atmosphere here is great, and I often come here to read books.”

Mohammed Zaidan, who attended the event, said: “The lecture was very interesting, and I learned a lot today. Travel is one of the most useful ways for people to learn about world cultures and expand their horizons. Those who do not get the opportunity to travel the worldcan read about other countries, and the Library is an ideal place to do so. It offers some of the best travel books.”

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