Posted on August 05, 2014

Doha councillors are calling for greater transparency in the allocation of free land to nationals, claiming there have been some cases of favouritism. 

Councillor Mohammed Al Muslemani told Al Arab daily the system did not have clear criteria and authorities should publicly disclose applications and when plots are distributed. Allocation also was not being considered on a first-come-first-served basis and some nationals were given only plots in areas that had no amenities such as water and electricity connections, he said.

“We have observed that the current system is ineffective because it lacks transparency,” Al Muslemani was quoted as saying. “Due to nepotism, some people get large plots while others get small ones in areas where they do not want them. “I urge the ministry to adopt a clear strategy to distribute land to eligible people and it should be announced in mainstream media.”

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Councillor Hassan Abbas said there also was a delay in distributing land in Al Wakra, which had become a popular area in recent years as Doha filled up due to its proximity and developed infrastructure. “We want the government to increase the number of plots for distribution and provide infrastructure facilities in concerned areas,” he said.

Land in Qatar has become increasingly valuable as the Gulf state rapidly develops using the spoils of its vast oil reserves. An increased population also has created mounting pressure for more residences and infrastructure.

source: Arabian Business