Posted on February 07, 2015

The Global Chairman of the world’s most influential network of entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs Organization’s (“EO”) Gilberto Crombe, visited Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC) and hailed the facilities and programme as ‘world class and a fantastic investment in the next generation of Qatari business leaders’.

Crombe, a high profile businessman hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, is the elected leader of EO’s 10,000 members globally and made the comments as part of a world tour that has taken in over a dozen countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He is the founder of various companies that sell building materials, architectural design, and business strategy consultancy. “It is hard to think of many other incubators that combine a strong training programme with world class facilities and numerous financing support options. QBIC has a very clear understanding of what entrepreneurs need when they are starting out, and is already supporting an interesting mix of incubated companies that look set to add something new to the local market. I am very impressed by how Qatar is investing in its future business leaders”, he explained.

Crombe was given the tour by senior QBIC managers, led by CEO Ms Aysha Al Mudahka, and discussed best practices and potential collaboration between the Qatar EO chapter and QBIC. It was agreed that the next EO learning event will be hosted at QBIC.

Accompanying Crombe was EO Qatar chapter President Patrick Forbes, who added that entrepreneurs in the country are benefitting greatly from generous government support. “Qatar Development Bank CEO and QBIC Chairman Abdulaziz Bin Nasser Al Khalifa has built a strong support system for entrepreneurs that we appreciate and value. EO members are benefiting from these services, and we hope that several of our member companies are able to be among the next QAR 100 million companies that QDB and QBIC are working hard to create”, he said.

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EO Qatar Chapter Vice President, Abdulsalam Abu-Issa followed: “EO Qatar is committed to the local eco-system and we believe that the EO model of member to member learning and support can be of value to start ups and SMEs that face a David vs Goliath battle each day against major international and established companies.”

QBIC is the region’s biggest business incubator facility, and was founded as a non-governmental organization by Qatar Development Bank (QDB) and Social Development Center (SDC). With a main objective of developing the next QAR 100 million companies in Qatar, QBIC’s flagship Lean Start-Up program provides a hands-on learning experience to its participants.The program’s aim is to stray away from a traditional business approach, which requires aspiring entrepreneurs to carry out feasibility studies and business plans. The unique nature of the program requires applicants to rely on a customer validation technique that places customers at the heart of services and products before launch.

EO, the only global network exclusively made for entrepreneurs, currently includes a dynamic network of more than 10,000 business owners in 46 countries. Members of EO Qatar are diverse in nationality, self-made, successful businesspersons that meet a global minimum annual sales requirement of QAR 3.65 million. The EO Qatar Chapter was founded in 2009, and now has over 20 members who employ an estimated 3,000 employees. Business sectors vary in nature; they include but are not limited to Public Relations, Legal Services, On-line Services, Publishing and Retail.

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