Posted on July 23, 2016

Qatar Charity (QC) has commenced the establishment and equipping of Kamal Al O'hood'(Fulfilling Pledges) School project is in the East of Jabalia Camp in the Northern Area of Gaza Strip. Around 600 male and female students from the Northern Area are expected to benefit from this project which is being implemented at a cost of QR2.2 million.

The project is being financed by the philanthropists from Qatar and being executed by QC in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Dr Ziad Thabit, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the Gaza Strip, thanked the government and people of Qatar and commended QC's efforts for the service of the Palestinian people in general and the educational sector in particular. Thabit commended the establishment of multiple schools which meets the needs of the sector. The educational sector suffers from shortages of schools and teachers. Around 200 schools are needed for the sector's needs to be met. 

Speaking on behalf of the ministry, Thabit said,"I hope the support for this vital sector continues because of the great effects it has on improving the quality of education in Gaza and the establishment of a convenient educational environment." On his part, Engineer Mohammed Abu Halloub, QC's Office director in the Gaza Strip, said:"This project aims at providing primary education to students living in the eastern side of Jabalia, mainly Ezbit Abd Rabu territory, which is considered relatively remote due to the multiple Israeli assaults which hit the area during the past three wars on the Gaza Strip." 

Abu Halloub highlighted how the project would provide a healthy educational environment for the benefiting students, especially at a time when the region is filled with students but without schools. "This project offers primary education services to students and facilitates easy and safe access to schools. QC aims at supporting the parents of the targeted students and helping them overcome the economic burdens." This is not QC's first educational project to support the educational sector in the Gaza Strip. QC had already implemented a project to supply public schools with science laboratories. It had also implemented a project through which it provided 60 schools with alternative energy to overcome the continuous power cuts in the Gaza Strip.

Besides, QC is still implementing 'Ibhath' (conduct research) project which is financed by the GCC through the Islamic Development Bank Jeddah. The offered funds reached more than QR7 million in order to encourage scientific research in the Gaza Strip. Engineer Abu Halloub thanked the philanthropists from Qatar for financing the educational facility. During a press conference in May, QC announced the initiation of the second stage of 'Cycling for Education' initiative which was launched last year in cooperation with Qatar Cyclists. The purpose of the initiative was to collect QR5 million for the rebuilding of a school for girls with the capacity of 1,000 students in Gaza.

The initiative's first stage resulted in collecting more than QR2 million which will help in the implementation of the project's stages. The cyclists choose the charity work they would like to donate for through sponsoring companies which turn into financial support offered to charity projects.

source: Qatar Tribune