Posted on September 21, 2014

Qatar Charity has carried out educational projects worth QR77mn in 16 countries across three continents between early 2013 and July 2014, said Gulf Times. The projects included the establishment and maintenance of educational facilities worth QR 37.34mn and educational sponsorships worth QR23.56mn.

Total spending on running educational institutions was valued at QR14.67mn, with QR 1.06mn being spent on training and rehabilitation and QR 9.46mn on equipping educational facilities, educational support and the unconditional education project. Around 125 large-scale educational projects were implemented in 35 countries at a cost of QR67.6mn; medium and small projects and contributions were implemented in 41 countries at a cost of QR269,610.

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Education projects in Asia covered Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia at a cost of QR45.26mn. In Africa, education projects covered Tunisia, Mali, Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea, Niger, Benin and Ghana at a total cost of QR18.56mln. In Europe, projects were implemented in France and Albania that amounted to QR13.06mn.

The projects focused on poor nations and specifically those with disadvantaged educational institutions; particularly those lacking basic facilities. QC recently established a new school for basic education in Somalia, with the aim of contributing to raising school attendance in poor and remote areas. The school, which cost QR182,000, was built on 400sq m; it comprises five classrooms and two management rooms, in addition to sanitation facilities. It will serve 250 students. 

A school for basic education was also established in Indonesia at a cost of around QR350,000. The school was built on an area of 350sq m, with six classrooms for 300 students, in addition to staff rooms and student activity spaces. In light of its significant interest in the field of education, QC is eager to co-operate and form partnerships with local institutions interested in the global development of education and the eradication of illiteracy in developing countries.

QC recently signed an MoU with the ‘Education is Above All Foundation,’ a global initiative launched by HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser. The activities focus on six countries: Syria, the Gaza Strip in Palestine, Yemen, South Sudan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.