Posted on January 11, 2018

Qatar Charity (QC) implemented as many as 1,079 water projects in Pakistan in 2017 to improve the health of the country’s population in several Pakistani provinces by facilitating access to clean drinking water. 

 The water projects, which included building of toilets to improve sanitation and prevent epidemics, benefited more than 200,000 people in Punjab, Sindh, Khibarbakhtonwa and Baluchistan, said a QC press release. The QC office in Islamabad implemented projects worth  QR6 million, which included drilling of 859 artesian wells equipped with a hand pump, 149 artesian wells equipped with an electric pump and two bathrooms, as well as 71 deep artesian wells equipped with an electric pump and two bathrooms. 

Qatar Charity also constructed 220 toilets along with sinks and places for ablution under these water projects to improve sanitation and reduce the risk of the spread of diseases and epidemics. The Director of QC Office in Pakistan Amin Issa said in a press release that the country is exposed to natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes and suffers from conflicts from time to time. “Local and international assessments have revealed the great need for water and sanitation in emergencies as the displacement of massive population creates immediate and long-term health risks”, Issa added. 

Issa pointed out that Qatar Charity pays special attention to the water and sanitation sector to improve the health of the communities and reduce risk of diseases and spread of epidemics. Qatar Charity is always at the forefront of responding to every request made by the Pakistani government for humanitarian support, emergency relief and disaster assistance.  It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity had provided support to the flood victims of Pakistan in 2010. 

It also helped people affected by heavy rains in Sindh province during 2011-2012. Qatar Charity was rated as a “highly professional partner”, according to periodic evaluations conducted by UNICEF. Many other well-reputed international organisations such as WFP and FAO also consider Qatar Charity as a reliable and trustworthy strategic partner. Overall, the water and sanitation field is the most funded sector, followed by QC’s other sectors such as food, livelihood, shelter and non-food items. 

Qatar Charity has been able to quickly respond to disasters due to its field offices in Pakistan and Kashmir and implemented many projects as a humanitarian response in collaboration with the key UN organisations such as UNICEF, WFP and FAO. 

source: Qatar Tribune