Posted on August 20, 2014

Qatar Charity (QC) has implemented the second phase of a QR1.3m project for hospitals in the Gaza Strip. The project involves the supply of medical items to Palestinian Health Ministry warehouses in the Gaza Strip where they will be distributed to Gaza hospitals in order to meet the acute shortages. The hospitals are under considerable strain with over ten thousand wounded people in need of treatment as a result of the recent aggression. 

The latest report issued by the Ministry of Health at the end of July 2014 suggested that the hospitals are lacking 136 varieties of medicines, while less than three months’ worth of 76 varieties are available. Four hundred and eighty five varieties of medical disposables are unavailable and 75 varieties are present in an amount that will last only between a month to three months. Thus, the ratio of deficit in the medicines is 28 percent and rises up to 54 percent in medical disposables. 

“Through its Gaza Strip office, Qatar Charity has begun the delivery of the second batch of emergency medical relief that included 13 varieties of medicines to the Ministry of Health at a cost of around QR1.3m,” said director of the Gaza Office and Deputy Executive Director for International Development and Relief Ibrahim Zainal Mousa. “Qatar Charity has been a pioneer in responding to the relief and humanitarian duty in providing relief to the Palestinian people, working to stock the medical stores from the beginning of the second week of the aggression on the Gaza Strip at a cost of around QR500,000,” Mousa noted. 

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Mousa revealed that QC will continue to provide aid for the benefit of hospitals in the Gaza Strip, noting that this donation comes as part of the total emergency relief aid that was introduced during the period of aggression and amounted to QR7m. Mousa expressed his deep thanks and appreciation to all those who had donated to QC. The departments of the Ministry of Health, especially the General Directorate of Pharmacy and the General Directorate of International Cooperation, represented by Dr. Ashraf Abu Mahadi and Dr. Mohammed Al Kashif, thanked QC and the Qatar government and people for their continued support for the Gaza Strip and its health institutions at this difficult time.

QC has also distributed QR2.555m to 3,500 government employees working in 25 municipalities of the Gaza Strip in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and mayors, providing a one off payment of QR730 to each employee.

source: The Peninsula