Posted on September 12, 2015

Qatar Cancer Society honoured Al Majed Jewellery & Watches Group for its contributions to charitable and humanitarian work and constant support for the activities of charity and the patients physically and morally Cancer.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Break, head of planning and follow-up visiting Al Majed Group to provide a memorial shield to those in charge of the group represented in Mr. Jamil Majed as an expression of gratitude and appreciation and thanks to what they offer in order to contribute to the charity message and vision about access to healthy society does not hold the fears of cancer patients.

He stressed that Al Majed Group is a leading charity supporting actors and spare no effort to contribute to the renaissance of the country in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, particularly in the health sector and wished from all state institutions to do the same. Pointing out that the fight against cancer need for concerted efforts and constant cooperation between all institutions and agencies in the State, and the charity cannot operate in isolation from other parties. He said that the community needs to further raise awareness of cancer and change the stereotypes that have been around it  for long periods dominate the minds of many and that the time has come to shed light on this disease is widely put more positive images around it.