Posted on October 03, 2015

Qatar Cancer Society has put the final touches on the awareness campaign "worldly rosy", which begins on the fifteenth of Oct. at four o'clock in the afternoon until seven in the evening the Doha Corniche and continue throughout the month are aimed at females of all age groups in the Qatari society.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of breast cancer and a culture to adopt healthy lifestyles to prevent it, and to shed light on the health-related services available in the State of Qatar, In addition to encouraging early detection and revive competition and initiative inspire the spirit of hope and optimism among the different segments of society toward cancer and the ability to address it, as well as activating the role of the community in providing the necessary support for cancer patients financially and morally .

QCS launches Worldly Rosy 1 [].jpg

On this occasion directed Ms. Mariam Hamad Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Association invite all community members of all sects and groups to participate in this campaign, which aims to achieve a package of goals most important to encourage early detection of cancer, which contributes to the healing of 95% of the infected cases, God willing.

Al-Naimi said that the idea of this caravan came on the occasion of the month of Breast Cancer Awareness being the highest cancers registered in Qatar and that breast cancer is the fastest types of cancers prevalent among women, where this increase is linked to the change in lifestyle for women,Noting that early detection means finding the cancer in its early stages, which requires less expensive and lighter measures.

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