Posted on May 21, 2019

Qatar Foundation Research, Development, and Innovation (QF RDI) and Qatar Development Bank (QDB) recently co-hosted a training workshop designed to empower technology-based startups and SMEs with tools to protect their digital platforms.

The workshop brought together officials from QF RDI and QDB, along with Qatar’s leading technology entrepreneurs, who shared their knowledge and expertise on why developing digital assets is key to building a successful business, and how startups can protect their technologies. It also builds on QF RDI and QDB’s ongoing efforts to support local technology startups, and nurture entrepreneurship in Qatar.  

Dr. Richard O’Kennedy, Vice President for Research, Development, and Innovation, Qatar Foundation, said: "Empowering local startups and training them on how to protect their platforms is instrumental to the long-term success of their businesses. By regularly hosting such workshops and sessions, and collaborating with key players in the same field, we are extending our support to these technology entrepreneurs to be able to thrive and contribute to a vibrant research and innovation ecosystem in Qatar. “The success of this ecosystem will contribute to the development of Qatar’s knowledge-based economy, a fundamental goal of QF RDI’s partnership with QDB – which is supported by such initiatives.”

QF RDI and QDB co-host workshop 2 [].jpg

The workshop, which took place at St. Regis Doha, explored the link between intellectual property (IP) and technology development, and their contributions to promoting local innovation. Mr. Ibrahim al-Mannai, Executive Director of Advisory and Incubation at QDB, said: "It is imperative for us to ease access to information for the entrepreneurs’ network by creating awareness and spreading knowledge about entrepreneurship. We are delighted to be partnering with QF RDI on the journey of Qatari entrepreneur empowerment.”

Jassim Al Subaie, Officer of Learning and Development at QDB, emphasized the importance of protecting IP in the successful development of new technologies, while John McEntire (pictured), Director of Industry Development and Knowledge Transfer, QF RDI, addressed how knowledge transfer can foster innovation and offered tips on best practices to protect digital assets. Fahad Al-Naimi, President and Co-Founder of Ebdaa for Digital Technology Inc., creator of leading digital platforms such as MzadQatar, Syaanh,, and Qckly, shared his experience in creating and developing some of the most successful Qatar-based ecommerce and digital business platforms.

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Additionally, Qatari entrepreneur, Abdulla Al Khenji, Co-Founder and CTO of Meddy, the leading online platform that connects doctors to patients, provided insights into how to grow and protect a digital business. Responding to Al Khenji, McEntire and Abeer Al Hammdi, Director of Innovation and Economic Development, QF RDI, spoke about the importance of protecting digital assets, the best practices, and how IP plays an instrumental role in technology development. The workshop concluded with an interactive Q&A session with the experts.