Posted on October 21, 2013

The Qatar Football Association (QFA) and Qatar Indian Football Forum (QIFF) entered into a mutual collaboration by which QFA will provide required supports and facilities to QIFF in the conduct of 7th Inter District Football Tournament in which 16 football teams from Indian community shall be participated.

The Inter District Football Tournament conducted by QIFF is the most prominent and highly participated sports event among Indian Community, the biggest expatriate community herein Qatar. Now it is the turn of 7th edition of QIFF Football tournament which features the exclusive collaboration of Qatar Football Association towards the successful organization and increased participation of Indian and other communities in Qatar.

The first match of the 7th QIFF tournament shall be held at Doha Stadium on Thursday 24th October 2013 at 06:00 PM. However the formal inauguration of the tournament shall be held on Friday 25th October 2013 at 04:30 PM in Doha Stadium. The inaugural function will be blessed with the esteemed presence of higher officials from Qatar Football Association, Qatar Olympic Committee, and Embassy of India.

Both the QFA and QIFF are hopeful that the mutual collaboration between them will contribute to enhance a healthy football and sports awareness among the community people in Qatar. The active participation of Indian community people in the football and other events of Qatar Football Association is the major goal of this mutual cooperation and the officials of QFA and QIFF expressed their strong confidence in achieving this goal. Qatar Indian Football Forum (QIFF) particularly expressed their deepest gratitude towards Qatar Football Association for the entire supports and facilities extended to them in organizing this football tournament.

The officials of QIFF expressed that the award of Doha Stadium for conducting the football matches and giving of authorized referees of QFA will be specially considered by the Indian community and they will be thankful to QFA and other sports authorities in Qatar at all times. Further the warmth extended by QFA towards the community people will enhance the efforts of QIFF to attract more community spectators to watch the ongoing and upcoming football matches of QFA. Both QIFF and QFA mutually agreed that considering the huge participation of community people to watch semi-final and final matches of the tournament, those matches can be conducted in some other major stadiums in Qatar as like in the last year.

The organization of 6th edition of QIFF football tournament and its closing ceremony held at Al Arabi Stadium in December 07, 2012 was a grand success in terms of turnout of huge number of community people to watch the same. QIFF could able to attract tens of thousands of audience to watch their closing ceremony and final match of the tournament. Altogether QIFF was able to mould this football tournament as the most well known sports festival of Indian community.

QIFF also expressed their gratitude to Qatar Football Association for selecting the QIFF football team in Qatar Amateur Football League and Qatar Community Football League to be held in next year under the supervision and control of Qatar Football Association and Qatar Olympic Committee. QIFF expressed that they have received the invitation to participate in these football tournaments with great pleasure and they see it as an esteemed recognition from the authorities to the community people in Qatar.

Mr. Hamad Al Kuwari, Head of Commercial Marketing – QFA pointed out that they are glad to support QIFF in jointly organizing the QIFF Football tournament and they are hopeful that it will certainly serve the goal of QFA, i.e. attract all community people in Qatar towards the events of Qatar Football Association and Qatar Olympic Committee and make them involved in all the football and related sports events of Qatar with an unique purpose of achieving a healthy lifestyle through playing football and engaging in sports. He also said that only a physically and mentally healthier community can build a healthy nation and this tournament is in line with their attempts towards that.

Mr. Shamsudheen Olakara, president of QIFF commented that by materializing the QFA-QIFF collaboration in organizing the QIFF Football tournament the Indian community in Qatar is getting a unique opportunity to become an inevitable part of football and other sports events in Qatar. He continued that the Indian community people is really committed to the warmth and supports extended to them by QFA and this will contribute to the participation and involvement of community people at large in the football and sports events of Qatar. He said that Indian community people will make every opportunity for supporting QFA by participating at large in the events of QFA. He also said that the expatriate community in Qatar is keenly interested in the success and fame of various sports and other events of this country and they understand well their commitment towards the success of such events organized by authorities in Qatar.

In addition to Mr. Hamad Al Kuwari – Head of Commercial Marketing of QFA and Mr. Shamsudheen Olakara – President of QIFF, Mr. Mohammed Easa KM and Dr. Aboobacker Wandoor- Vice presidents of QIFF, Mr. Mohammed Shameen- General Secretary-QIFF also participated in the press meeting.