Posted on May 29, 2016

The Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA), in partnership with QFCA, has officially announced the exclusive launch of the internationally-acclaimed ‘Future CEO’ program in Qatar. Slated to kick off in September 2016, its part of the Academy’s strategy to unlock human potential and empower professionals to reach new heights through effective education and advanced training.

QFBA’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Horr (pictured) made the announcement during a press conference held at the Academy’s headquarters, sponsored by Mr. Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida, the Chief Executive Officer of QFC Authority, represented by Mr Fahad Zainal the Chief Administration Officer of the Qatar Financial Centre Authority (QFCA) and attended by the members of the media. The elite ‘Future CEO’ program by The CEO Institute provides senior managers and corporations eager to invest in leadership development, with the opportunity to acquire and develop the skills, knowledge and contacts they need to confront challenges, manage growth, and effectively lead organizations in various business sectors.

In his speech at the press conference, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Horr, CEO at QFBA, said: “We all have areas of our lives where we have talent, expertise and capacity for success. And those of us who possess the ability to influence, the desire to excel, and the confidence to explore and break new ground, have the potential to become great leaders. Because leadership is a mix of science and art; a unique blend of inherent qualities, honed and perfected with the right set of training, practice and experience.”

He added: “It is my profound pleasure to announce to you QFBA’s and QFC’s exclusive launch of the world-renowned “Future CEO” program in Qatar, , presenting the country’s future leaders across all business sectors, with a unique chance to build on their strengths and learn all aspects of successfully running an organization, while preparing them to become tomorrow’s distinguished CEOs.”

The applications are now open for the pioneering cohort targeting talented Senior Qatari Managers. In addition to offering senior executives the chance to develop the strategic skills needed to successfully manage a company and drive its growth, the ‘Future CEO’ program also provides formal recognition of its members’ professional qualifications and experience through certification from The CEO Institute, the first global certification body for CEOs.

Commenting on QFBA's rich portfolio of training and development programs launched under the umbrella of the QFC, Mr Fahad Zainal, Chief Administration Officer of the QFC Authority said: "We are glad to join QFBA in launching another leading program that aims to address the challenges and opportunities for professionals in the financial and business services industry in Qatar. Providing international certificates duly approved and granted by highly reputable international organizations is key for improving the technical competence of our future Qatari business leaders, enhancing their career paths, providing them with an opportunity to excel in current and future roles, and ultimately improving the level of business performance.”

The ‘Future CEO’ program features a blended model of facilitated and experiential learning in a supportive peer-to-peer environment. Group members are carefully matched by The CEO Institute for compatible skill levels and activity in non-competing business sectors, to help promote openness and sharing within groups. The acclaimed program is well aligned with the Academy’s mission to empower professionals to break new grounds through effective education, influential inspiration and access to essential tools and resources, all while unshackling them from restraining beliefs and conventional thinking.

The ‘Future CEO’ program applications for the pioneering cohort are open for senior Qatari managers till the 23rd of June, after which the cohort will be finalized. QFBA and QFC will jointly sponsor the program, with participants expected to pay only a nominal joining fee. The program is set to kick off in September 2016, at QFBA headquarters.

Interested senior managers can apply to the Future CEO Program by filling the application form on QFBA website and sending it to the following email address: [email protected]