Posted on April 27, 2020

Qatar Finance and Business Academy in partnership with Northumbria University (QFBA-Northumbria University) launched its latest ‘Ramadan Show’ on its Instagram channel.

The show aims to engage with local residents, expats, current university students and high school students through its Instagram Channel to cover a wide array of topics and FAQs such as how to choose your academic major, post-secondary options available in Qatar, admissions requirements, how to improve your English language, employability skills, the importance of one’s CV and how to navigate LinkedIN.

QFBA-NU kicked off its show on the 26th of April, featuring a an introductory Instagram Live session with Mr. Khalifa Al Yafei, Director of Student Affairs at QFBA-NU, and Mr. Mohammad Al Janahi, Head of Outreach at Teach for Qatar. The session provided an introduction about the show including its objective and target audience and discussed the importance of continuous learning in Islam and its need during this holy month of Ramadan in light of the current crisis situation. It is important to note that the current Covid-19 outbreak and the shift to distance learning mechanisms has presented a challenge to many high school and university students across Qatar. QFBA-Northumbria sought to provide support to ease the community throughout this transition with an engaging Ramadan oriented show.

Commenting on the show Khalifa Al Yafei, Director of Student Affairs said: “Since this Ramadan is presenting new challenges for Qatar’s youth, our aim was to utilize our platform and expertise to support our community during a time of uncertainty. It’s crucial for one to maintain resilience despite the current COVID-19 situation, and continue to plan for their future. ” “We invite high school students and university students to watch the show which will be presented on QFBA-NU’s IG TV (@NorthumbriaQA), twice a week every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00pm, through-out the holy month of Ramadan. “

QFBA-Northumbria University’s aim continues to empower its students and the wider community to invest in their future.