Posted on June 12, 2019

The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), one of the world’s leading and fastest growing onshore business and financial centres, in collaboration with B-Hive and Fintech Power 50, met with key fintech leaders during a networking event ‘Expanding Horizons’ hosted on the side lines of Money 20/20 Europe in the Netherlands.

Henk Jan Hoogendoorn, Managing Director of Financial Sector Office, QFC, delivered the opening speechat the dinner and networking event which saw the attendance of 25 C-level executives from the world’s top Fintech and Venture Capital Firms. The event also included an engaging discussion led by Chris Skinner, a leading fintech trendsetter and commentator on the financial markets, as well as the Chief Executive of Balatro Ltd and Chair of the European networking group ‘the Financial Services Club’.

Money 20/20 convened the greatest minds in the Fintech industry, decision makers building the future of money, and over 6,000 people from the financial services community worldwide. The three-day event saw over 300 speakers participate intalks, case study presentations, panel discussions and workshops surrounding a plethora of financial-related topics.

Henk Jan Hoogendoorn, Managing Director, Financial Sector Office, QFC said: “Technology has been evolving at an exponential rate and the financial service sectorhas perhaps bore the impact of this rapid growthmore than any other industry, transforming the sector’s business ecosystem at an accelerating pace. These developments pose both benefits and challenges, which we discussed during our networking dinner with leaders in the industry.As a global financial centre, the QFC will continue to create platforms for the financial services community where strategies that lead to a sustainable business growth are initiated.

Wim de Waele, CEO, B-Hive Europe said: “Thanks to the partnership with Qatar Financial Centre and our collaboration with The Fintech Power 50, we're able to bring together a group of C-level attendees for an inspiring dinner complimented with extra 'food for thought' by Chris Skinner. This gives attendees from our community the opportunity to network in an exclusive setting and shows once more the power and potential of the B-Hive international network. It's great to be able to connect some of our Partners to all these interesting Fintechs and seize the momentum of Money20/20 to open the door to new collaborations.”

Jason Williams, Founder, Fintech Power 50 said: "Fintech Power 50, like QFC strongly believes in collaboration. The key take away of Money 20/20 is that in Fintech the wind is blowing east. The Middle East is an area where there are great opportunities for Fintech especially around Financial inclusion of the underbanked. We will together with QFC organise this CEO Fintech dinner again next year." The QFC is an onshore jurisdiction that allowsregistered companies toenjoy competitive benefits, such as working within a legal environment based on English common law, the right to trade in any currency, up to 100% foreign ownership, 100% repatriation of profits, 10%corporate tax on locally sourced profits, and an extensive double taxationavoidance agreement network with 81 countries.