Posted on December 28, 2019

Qatar Foundation International (QFI), a US-based member of Qatar Foundation, celebrated 10 years of inspiring meaningful connections with the Arab world recently and has set a slew of events to mark the anniversary.

QFI inspires meaningful connections with the Arab world by creating a global community of diverse learners and educators and connecting them through effective and collaborative learning environments. Three hundred teachers, administrators, students and staff gathered at the Conrad Hotel in Washington D.C. to share accomplishments and memories. The celebration will continue throughout 2020, according to QFI’s latest news letter. “QFI has been committed to supporting educators and students by creating opportunities to engage with the Arab world, in a time when it is most vital and necessary. It is to acknowledge and appreciate a diversity of identities, beliefs and history through connecting communities that we can continue challenging prevailing negative stereotypes and narratives,” said Omran Al Kuwari, CEO of QFI.

As part of the celebrations, QFI will launch a new grant for Arabic teachers in 2020 as part of its ongoing efforts to provide support to primary and secondary teachers of Arabic as well as teachers of social studies, math, science, and the arts to explore the Arab world as part of their curriculum. QFI will also start to work with two new schools that have received school grants in the 2019-2020 school year in the US. Success Academy Charter School in Bloomfield, Minnesota, is a Title 1 school serving a large number of Somali refugee families. Irving Elementary School in Bozeman, Montana is our first school grant program in Montana and reaches an area of the country that has a dearth of Arabic language programs in public schools.

Also QFI’s Classroom Resource Enrichment Grants will be available to teachers of all subjects starting in 2020 to provide supplementary funding for teachers with limited classroom budgets and demonstrated need, Classroom Resource Enrichment Grants (CREGs) are intended to enhance educators’ ability to teach the Arabic language or about the Arab world. CREGs provide up to $1,000 for sustainable resources, materials, and events, ideally to serve the classroom for multiple years.

QFI partners with Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) to provide educators with a greater global perspective through travel to the Middle East. In December and January, twelve educators from twelve different states will travel with QFI to Oman and Qatar. In Germany QFI has started support for ‘Meet & Eat’ in Berlin, a programme where German and refugee student get together to cook and discuss a variety of topics. In Kassel, QFI supported Battery Dance’s one-week workshop ‘Dancing to Connect’ for German and refugee students.

With QFI support, Give Something Back to Berlin is offering Arabic lessons for 30 teachers of German as a foreign language. The first Arabic Teacher Council in Germany was officially established in Berlin in early December and many events have been planned for 2020. In the UK in partnership with the British Council, QFI held an Arabic Teacher Conference in London in mid December and in Manchester.

source: The Peninsula