Posted on June 28, 2011

As part of a series of events and workshops hosted by the Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC), QGBC’s Water Interest Group (WIG) hosted its first seminar entitled ‘Water Usage in Qatar's Built Environment.

The seminar, attended by over 150 members of the construction community, showcased water conservation, recycling and reuse solutions and proposed ways to change the region’s perceptions and behaviours regarding water usage. It was held at the Al-AaQool Atrium in the Qatar Foundation recreation center. Attendees included construction professionals and senior level executives from stakeholder groups and the general public.

“This seminar formally marks the launch of the Water Interest Group’s activities. The members of the Water Interest Group share a keen interest in all matters of environment related to water and between them have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share,” said Alex Amato, QGBC’s Head of the Research and Innovation Committee. “Through hosting similar events and workshops, we aspire to be an active agent of change for the sustainable development of Qatar,” he added.

Through its seminars, training events and workshops, QGBC aims to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable development practices that can be adopted in Qatar.  Under the council’s umbrella, members have formed a number of groups that focus on particular issues relating to the application of sustainability to the built environment.

QGBC, supported by the Qatar Foundation, is sponsored by a diverse group of organisations that share its vision and values and together help facilitate the achievement of shared objectives. QGBC’s members comprise businesses and individuals from various industries, including government, developers, construction professionals, facilities managers, construction manufacturers, technology providers, professional consultants, financial institutions, academe, and NGOs.