Posted on March 26, 2014

Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) hosted an informative seminar for leading researchers, engineers and construction professionals from Qatar and the region earlier this week titled ‘Research and Construction; the Good, the Bad and the Irrelevant’.

During the event, sustainability specialists examined the crucial role of research in the construction sector, and discussed the importance of implementing academic research that facilitates the timely implementation of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

The gathering forms part of an on-going series of workshops and events hosted by QGBC to promote awareness of sustainability issues, and provide a constructive platform to discuss environmentally-friendly practices and policies.

Engineer Meshal Al Shamari, Director of Qatar Green Building Council, welcomed those gathered to learn more about innovative research practices that can drive the construction sector, and stressed the significance of exchanging ideas and collaborating to create a sustainable future. “Over the last decade, Qatar’s construction sector has delivered a large number of national projects, and many more will soon be launched,” said Eng. Al Shamari.

“We consider sustainability and innovation two of the most vital elements in our path towards achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030. At Qatar Green Building Council, we are committed to working alongside our members, national stakeholders and international research institutes in order to build a viable platform for the exchange of creative ideas in the construction sector.”

To bring about wider benefits and drive the industry forward, participants delved into the contribution and economic significance of the building sector, and explored several critical subjects including how to better streamline the research undertaken at academic and commercial institutes. In addition, audience members reflected on whether the day-to-day problems faced by industry professionals were widely acknowledged and understood.

Steven Humphrey, Director of Program Cost Consultancy at AECOM in Doha, raised several pertinent questions and presented participants with an engaging commentary about the current state of play in the construction industry.

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Mr Humphrey asked, “Have there really been any landmark developments in construction technology or innovations in the past 100 years? While historic references to engineering feats are still not fully explained, new advances have been slow to come to the general construction industry. When compared with other industries and market sectors, huge leaps forward have been seen, but why has this not occurred in construction? Why does the construction industry traditionally spend insignificant amounts on research and development compared with other sectors, and what drives the research which does take place?”

Meanwhile, in a workshop today with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Global, QGBC explored various ways to apply innovation to the built environment. The workshop brought together experts from QGBC and BRE Global, who were keen to discuss the latest research findings and methods influencing the design, construction, and management of the built environment.

Participants also assessed the studies and work being done in the built environment across Qatar and the GCC region. QGBC and BRE plan to continue collaborating and advocating green building solutions in order to raise awareness and pave the way for sustainable research strategies.

QGBC, a member of Qatar Foundation, is a non-profit, membership-driven organisation dedicated to advocating green building solutions, leading industry research, as well as promoting sustainable practice in the community. Through QGBC, Qatar has joined a network of 80 different countries that run active national green building councils under the umbrella of the World Green Building Council.