Posted on December 27, 2017

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB), Qatar’s leading Islamic Bank, announced that it hired 21 Qataris – 13 new graduates and 8 experienced professionals - for important positions in the Bank in 2017. Furthermore, during 2017, QIB has also sponsored 30 Qatari students who will join the Bank after the completion of their educational programs. The Bank has also provided 27 summer internship opportunities for business management students from Qatar University and the College of the North Atlantic Qatar.

As part of its commitment towards recruiting local talents, QIB has participated in five career fairs organized by prestigious universities and organizations in Qatar including the Education City, Qatar University, the Community College, and Qatar Banking Studies and Business Administration School. Khalefa Al Mesalam, Head of Human Capital Group, said “QIB is committed to invest in national talents as part of QIB’s strategy that is supported by the Board of Directors and the Executive Management and aligned with Qatar National Vision 2030.”

“QIB put continuous efforts to attract national talents and implement various training programs for its Qatari employees to advance their careers and prepare them as future leaders,” said Al Mesalem. “QIB was the first financial institution to launch a creative mobile application to identify and train Qataris and to adopt cutting-edge technology in human resources.” He added: “QIB has a long-term strategy to attract Qataris. It provides training courses and offers scholarships and higher education programs to enable Qataris to engage in best banking practices and take on leadership positions in the Bank.”

To ensure quality employment, QIB adopted new tools to evaluate new employees. It also launched the Future Bankers program, which is a fast-track career development program designed to build the capacity of Qatari nationals in the banking operations. In appreciation of QIB’s support for Qatar University, the Bank was recently honored at the annual ceremony of Qatar University’s Career Services Center, held to recognize partners who cooperate with the Qatar University, and coordinate to achieve its visions and programs and facilitate its training and career activities.