Posted on August 28, 2017

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB), Qatar’s leading Islamic Bank, launched a new “Hadiyati” gift card, a Qatari riyal denominated, pre-loaded card working on the  VISA platform with an extended validity of 2 years. The gift cards are readily available at all QIB branches for all QIB customers.

The Hadiyati card, is based on pre-payment whereby QIB customers load as many gift cards as they wish and then handover the cards, instead of cash, to their beloved ones. Presenting cash gifts to children or people in need during a festive season such as Eid, is an integral part of Qatar’s unique culture. Traditionally, gifts have been given in the form of cash or kind. QIB’s Hadiyati card represents the same tradition while providing an easy, practical, safer and innovative way of giving a gift with the option of adding a greeting message for the recipient.

Moreover, the Hadiyati card is an effective and secure gift option for corporations as it can be used  as a means to provide company rewards to employees. QIB’s Hadiyati cards offer the flexibility to pre-load any value from QR 200 up to QR 5,000 for each card. Cardholders can use it while shopping at all point of sales (POS) where VISA cards are accepted, locally or internationally. These cards can be used at PoS terminals but cannot be used for online purchases or ATM withdrawals. “Our goal is to always ensure that our products and services are there to give solutions to a specific customer need. The new Gift card can be a great surprise to a loved one while it can also be a way to teach children about wise spending”, said, D. Anand, General Manager of QIB’s Personal Banking Group.

In line with its customer-centric approach, QIB is working to provide customers with innovative sharia compliant banking services to cover all their financial needs. The new Hadiyati Card is the latest addition to QIB’s cards portfolio available to cover different needs and personal preferences of the Bank’s customers. 

To get your ”Hadiyati” cards, please visit any  QIB branch. For more information you can contact QIB’s contact call center at (+974) 44448444 or visit QIB’s website