Posted on May 28, 2018

Qatar Insurance Group, Qatar’s leading insurer recently hosted a corporate Suhoor event to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. The event that was held at Sheraton in West Bay was attended by staff of QIC Group, Beema and their family members. The event was graced with the attendance of senior Management.

The Suhoor which is a regular feature of QIC’s calendar of events serves an excellent platform to strengthen relation between employees and share the spirit of Ramadan. Offering tribute to its Qatari lineage, QIC Group’s annual Suhoor highlights Qatar’s rich heritage, hospitality and traditional Ramadan celebrations that have been preserved and are followed for generations. The event also featured a lucky draw which gave the attendees a chance to win exciting prizes.

Mr. Ali Fadala, Senior Deputy Group President & CEO QIC Group stated: “At QIC the annual corporate Suhoor helps to connect and enhance our relation with our multinational staff and their family members. We celebrate and share good times, build on our team spirit and enjoy the festivities in full swing.”QIC Group hosts Suhoor for 2 [].jpg