Posted on February 04, 2016

The Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre (QICDRC) on Wednesday welcomed Secretary-General of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Court of Arbitration Andrea Carlevaris and Regional Director of ICC Dispute Resolution Services Sami Houerbi to its premises in Doha.

Carlevaris, who had earlier been delivering a lecture on the ICC Emergency Arbitration Rules at an Energy Disputes conference at the Grand Hyatt, met with the QICDRC CEO Faisal al Sahouti to discuss matters relating to domestic and international arbitration, the role of the ICC in Qatar and the work of the QICDRC in relation to litigation and other forms of dispute resolution. Carlevaris spoke of the growing significance of arbitration both locally and regionally as well as the significance that is to be attached to having an 'arbitration friendly' judiciary which understand arbitration and arbitral concepts and will be ready to enforce arbitral awards where appropriate.

Sahouti provided the attendees with an overview of the work the QICDRC was undertaking in the field of arbitration, which included its present role acting as a supervisory body under the QFC Arbitration Regulations, as well as its aspirations to assist with the development of international arbitration in Qatar and the desire to provide a fully administered arbitration service to those who wish to conduct international arbitration in Qatar.

During a tour of the QICDRC's facilities, QICDRC's Registrar Christopher Grout provided an explanation of the role of the Court in resolving civil and commercial disputes arising within the Qatar Financial Centre. Grout stressed the importance of having an international judiciary, an efficient case management system and making appropriate use of information technology, including holding 'virtual hearings', where possible. Carlevaris thanked Sahouti for welcoming him to the QICRDC and expressed his admiration for the impressiveness of the QICDRC's facilities. Both gentlemen expressed desire to work together and cooperate on future projects such as those relating to education and training in the field of arbitration.

source: Qatar Tribune