Posted on October 23, 2016

On a special Learning Journey to Tokyo last week, Qatar Leadership Centre’s (QLC) Rising Leaders engaged in a knowledge transfer exchange with professionals at prominent Japanese multinational companies.

Participants visited the Japanese capital city from the 16th to 20thof October.The Learning Journey, an integral component of QLC’s curriculum, centered on enhancing the skills of the Rising Leaders by introducing them to the best management practices in Japan that aided the country’s economic rise.

“Japan and Qatar are linked by more than economic ties – we are bound by our belief that continuous education and training will advance our countries’ prosperity,” H.E. Dr. Abdulla bin Ali Al-Thani, Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of QLC, noted.  “I have no doubt the Learning Journey has been an educational and thought-provoking experience for the Rising Leaders.”

Prior to their trip, Rising Leaders had an in-depth discussion with the Ambassador of Japan to the State of Qatar, H.E. Shingo Tsuda, who shared his views on the importance of a diversified economy as well as Japan’s emphasis on human capital in further developing itself.

QLC rising leaders engage [].jpg

In Tokyo, the Rising Leaders were hosted by ITOCHU Corporation, a global trading conglomerate, at its headquarters. The company coordinated numerous lectures and site visits for the Qatari professionals. The participants had the opportunity to speak to leading global economists like Dr.ShujiroUrata, Professor at Waseda University in Tokyo, Dr. Florian Kohlbacher, North Asia Director of The Economist Corporate Network, part of the British company known for publishing The Economist magazine, and Professor Kazuo Ichijo, government consultant on innovation. They discussed the role of leadership development and innovation askey components of human capital building, enabling Japan’s rapid economic growth.

The Rising Leaders also interacted with executives from a number of leading Japanese multinational companies. Visits included the production plant of automotive giant Toyota, where participants gained exclusive access into how the world’s leading car manufacturer mastered the art of quality control used to successfully compete with rival automakers. The Learning Journey also featured meetings with executives from the global electronics brand Sony, technology research and development firm NEC and ITOCHU.

The Rising Leaders expressed their appreciation for the opportunity that was made available to them to learn more about best practices in quality control management from the Japanese companies they visited. The skills and techniques they learned are of great value as they continue to enhance their personal and professional development. QLC has three National Leadership Programs: the Executive Leaders Program, Rising Leaders Program and the Government Leaders Program. Applications for QLC’s 2017-18 programs are currently open to qualified Qatari professionals who are seeking to further develop their leadership skills. For more details about QLC, to apply, or to complete an application already started for one of the National Leadership Programs, please visit