Posted on August 16, 2011

Qatar News Agency (QNA) held a festival on Sunday evening marking celebration of Garangao,  a festival marked in the Gulf countries on the 14th night of the holy month of Ramadan. A big number of children adorned in colourful costumes singing traditional songs attended the festival together with their parents and employees and journalists working with QNA.

The parents and employees working with QNA expressed appreciation to QNA for the due importance and keenness it shows to children especially after launching its QnaKid website on the internet and on Twitter.  The festival included a number recreational and educational games and colouring, which brought joy, pleasure and happiness  into the hearts of children .The children also sang songs related to such an event which is celebrated mid-Ramadan every year with great joy.

The festival ended with distributing Garangao presents among the children whose parents voiced their pleasure for reviving such an occiasion lauding however the important role played by the media and cultural authorities in qatar to always maintain and keep intact such a qatari folkloric heritage.

Kids Fly For Less

In such occasion called Garangao, children could be seen going from house to house in various localities and receiving bags of sweets and nuts.In some cases adults, beating the drums, accompany the kids who sing songs like "give us what God gives you, have a house in Makkah for your generosity." In celebration of Garangao, Commercialbank is organising events across its various branches tonight. Every year the bank gets involved in Garangao, the most popular children s festival in Qatar. "Commercialbank s support of this authentic Qatari tradition reflects the bank s commitment to preserve the country s rich cultural heritage and customs,"  a spokesman said.

Abdulla al-Raisi, DCEO, Commercialbank, said: "Commercialbank is an avid supporter of community initiatives and continues to be a proud contributor to Garangao celebrations. Garangao provides an opportunity for us to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan and Qatar s rich heritage together as a family. "Commercialbank has welcomed parents and their children and will distribute gifts to its young guests from 8.30pm to 10.30pm at its branches at Landmark, Hyatt Plaza, City Center, Villaggio Mall, Al Rayyan, Porto Arabia (The Pearl).

Katara (Cultural Village) is looking forward to welcoming more visitors, especially children, from all over Doha to take part in this year s Garangao celebrations. While the Ramadan Festival underway at the village showcases a total of 39 Qatari traditions at the AlOud, AlMisk and AlRayhan tents located at the esplanade, an additional 40th, Garangao, will be celebrated this evening. Children are invited to take part in the celebrations which will take place at the courtyard located between buildings 12 and 16 starting at 7.30pm.