Posted on February 13, 2012

Qatar News Agency (QNA) will hold a sports journalism program starting Tuesday organized by the agency's media relations department with the goal of training Qatari media executives.

The program, which extends for three days at the agency's headquarters, is constituted of several topics including headline choice, accuracy, and publishing criteria, in addition to maintaining news sources, conduction of live coverage and reportage of sports news, journalistic investigation, and debates as well as interviews in the field.

The sports journalism sessions take place simultaneously with Qatar's National Sports Day in an effort by QNA to participate in the day's events through qualifying reporters to work in the sports field.

QNA Media Relations Head Ahmed Mohammed Al Boainin has asserted the importance of this program lectured by Al Jazeera Sports Producer and Soccer Commentator in the "Al Dawri and Al-Kass " sport Channel Ali Hassan Al-Mslmani. The program is crucial because it raises media professionals' skills in sports coverage in all of its varieties in light of Qatar's unprecedented advancement in the sports arena which increases demand for highly qualified calibers, Al Boainin explained.

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He added in a press statement that this program is the sixth in a series launched by QNA in the 2011/2012 financial year. The series included specialized sessions in composing economic news, English reporting and transcription, public relations management press communication, specialized photojournalism, and journalistic translation.

The program is in adoption of the Emiri Decree No. 51 for the year 2009 which entrusted QNA with providing continuous media training programs for Qatari media executives to develop their skills and enhance them on a professional level. Al Boainin highlighted the agency's role as a leading media institution pioneering with the development of Qatari calibers in the vital media and public relations fields.

QNA's Media Relations Head also revealed an upcoming program taking place on March 12-14 of this year titled "Global Broadcast Journalist". It will focus on general rules for handling tools and equipment as well as camera preparation, sound and lighting principles, interviewing skills, news delivery, and other topics.

QNA was established in May 25th, 1975 by the Emiri Decree number 94 of the year 1975, to become the first Arab news agency dedicated to covering the Gulf region. It is one of Qatar's achievements in the field of information.