Posted on April 03, 2014
Qatar Petroleum’s Dukhan Operations in association with Mowasalat recently held a Traffic Awareness Campaign that was attended by many QP employees and members of the Dukhan community. Organized by QP’s Integrated Facilities Department working closely with Mowasalat, the main objectives of the campaign were to educate the participants on proper driving methods, to increase awareness on the important role of seatbelts and to provide information on general road safety.
The two-day campaign featured up-to-date training equipment, which provided practical experience to the road hazards that people face when travelling around Qatar. Students from the Dukhan English School were given the opportunity to use several of the training tools, including a roll-over simulator, which were brought to Dukhan by Mowasalat. They were also able to experience why it is necessary to wear seatbelts at all times and how to use the special glasses that warn drivers against vision obstacles. The campaign concluded with all participants being made fully aware of Mowasalat’s vision for safer road usage throughout Qatar.