Posted on December 06, 2015

Following the successful offering of its wide range of solutions across the GCC and foreign markets, QPAY has now established its presence in Qatar.

Accordingly, as a Qatari company offering made-in-Qatar electronic payment solutions for banks, QPAY brings to the Qatari market the lowest cost and most advanced Wages Protection System (WPS) IBAN platform and Qatar’s first WPS Salary Card platform. Both products are fully compliant with the Qatar Central Bank’s (QCB) directive on WPS payment rules to low-wage immigrant laborers residing in Qatar and the QMLSS Salary Information File (SIF) generation.

With its successful implementation in Dubai, Kuwait and the US, QPAY’s secure cloud-based WPS IBAN platform enables banks to comply with the latest laws on laborer WPS while streamlining banks’ corporate filing of labor pay with the Qatar Ministry of Labor & Social Services (QMLSS). As a turn-key solution, it provides the laborer with a Qatari IBAN bank account without having to add extra burden on the bank’s back-office, front office or branch network. QPAY solutions have been used in Qatar, GCC and Foreign markets since 2001. They have been offered to banks and financial institutions as white labeled products with tremendous revenue share opportunities.

“With Qatar’s commitment at ensuring that its rapidly-growing expatriate labour and workforce justly receive their hard-earned wages securely in full and on-time, QPAY provides all the solutions required by employers and banks,” said Nebil Ben Aissa, CEO & Founder QPAY International. “Not only will our solutions remove all the worries and burden of having to comply with QCB’s strict WPS policies and directives, but will also spur a streamlined and cost-efficient business and banking operations.

“Clearly, QPAY’s solutions are fully aligned with the country’s aspirations embodied in Qatar’s National Vision 2030 Plan,” he added. “Such solutions also enable financial inclusion and privileges to low-wage immigrant laborers into the Qatari financial ecosystem. These include use International standards such as MasterCard™ and an IBAN account.” Quite recently, QPAY also launched new electronic payment products designed to help banks and financial institutions better service their SME business clients as well as their low-wage consumer segments. QPAY is committed to innovation in secure electronic payments, and its main objective is to partake in building a secure and safe Qatari electronic payment ecosystem ready for the 2022 World Cup in Doha.