Posted on January 04, 2016

QPMC signed 4 new agreements at the end of 2015, for the supply of 19,980,000 tons of high quality aggregates (gabbro and limestone) over the next three years from various sources.

The applauded additional agreements were signed at the forefront of  QPMC’s role dedicated to ensuring that the construction sector in Qatar continues to thrive in the right direction by securing the required materials; thus facilitating the stability of prices and ensuring the continuous availability of aggregates; an ultimate objective which comes as part of QPMC’s vision which is strategically aligned with Qatar’s sustainable development and comes at the forefront of Qatar National Vision 2030 and the National Development Strategy.

The four agreements were signed with the following companies: The Gate Primary Materials, Continental Trading Company, Qatar Engineering Alliance Co. and Al Baida Technical Services. These agreements come in line with QPMC’s vision of diversifying supply sources to secure the needed primary materials, for public and private sectors in Qatar. 

The actual implementation of the agreements start early 2016, which contribute to the revitalization of the role of the most important economic sectors in Qatar and the achievement of sustainable development, in line with QPMC’s vision. They also ensure the delivery of all the required quantities in addition to the stability of prices of primary materials in the local market and pushing forward further economic development while speeding up the completion of major construction and infrastructure projects.

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QPMC supplies the needed primary materials to meet the local market demand of primary materials of limestone and gabbro, to suit all construction requirements. The procured materials will be stored in QPMC-owned facilities in Lusail, Mesaieed and Ras Laffan which will ensure accessibility of materials in the north, south and the capital city of Doha and timely delivery to all construction sites around the country as well as customer satisfaction including contractors and customers of primary materials from the private and government sectors.

QPMC’s CEO, Engineer Eisa Al-Hammadi said that the amount which will be supplied by the aforementioned companies will be imported from Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates via private Qatari companies with quarries abroad. The agreements were signed by each of Dr. Mohammed Al Kubaisi, Chairman of Qatar Engineering Alliance Co, Sheikh Fahad Bin Jassin Al Thani, Chairman of Continental Trading Company, Engineer Ali Al Mesned, Chairman of Al Baida and Abdullah Al Hail, Chairman of The Gate (Al Bawaba) Primary Materials.

Continental Trading Company, Qatar Engineering Alliance Co and Al Baida Technical Services will supply the required amount of primary materials from Sultanate of Oman whereas Al Bawaba, The Gate Primary Materials will provide the contracted quantity from UAE. From his part, Sheikh Fahad Bin Jassin Al Thani, Chairman of Continental Trading Company, said: “We are very pleased with our partnership with QPMC, to provide the needs of the existing projects in our beloved country."

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While engineer Ali Al-Mesned, Chairman of Al Baida Group, commented” From our side, we value QPMC’s vision and mission. We are delighted to support the government’s arm in the supply of aggregates which sees itself supporting the economic cooperation between Qatar and the Gulf countries with its utmost determination to secure the future and continuous cooperation between the public and private sector projects, by supplying primary construction materials.

Engineer Eisa Al-Hammadi added: “QPMC operates in line with Qatar national vision to activate the interaction between public and private sectors and the diversification of the local stockpile, to push forward the development of local infrastructure projects”. Al Hammadi concluded that the mentioned quantities will enter Qatar through the sea. He also assured that all imported materials match the Qatar Construction Specifications (QCS): “specifications also meet the local market needs and align with the Ministry of Environment required specifications”.

QPMC’s Gabbro Berth Terminals operate 24 hours to guarantee the high quality of the material supplied to the local market. The mentioned additional agreements marks one of QPMC’s main strategic achievements for 2015 – which succeeded in stabilizing the domestic prices of primary materials and keep up with Qatar’s fast growing construction industry.