Posted on December 23, 2016

Qatar Red Crescent Society's (QRCS) Al Khor branch held lectures and courses at schools as well as youth centres for the benefit of more than 700 people in Al Khor Al Dhakira and Al Shamal regions in the last couple of months.

As school activities resumed, QRCS continued its 'I Am a Paramedic' health education lectures at several schools across Al Khor, where the students learnt about first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), as well as how to treat burn, fracture, nosebleed, ear bleeding, arterial bleeding, epilepsy, and other special cases. The branch received a group of students from Al-Ghuwairia School to give them a presentation on QRCS and basic first aid skills. To reach out to as many community members as possible, a team of Al Khor branch visited the Audio Education Complex to explain QRCS' activities and departments.

A specialist trainer introduced the complex's students to first aid, emphasising its important role in case of injury. The lecture was translated by a sign language interpreter, to ensure the effective transfer of information to the audience. The complex's manager thanked QRCS for its constant support. In relation to expatriate workers, a first aid training session was held at the branch, in view of the high risk of workplace injuries. As a partner to the region's social and cultural institutions, the branch hosted a workshop at Al Khor Girls Center on the development of leadership skills which was attended by 40 women.

Several topics were covered, including, types of administrative leadership, authority delegation skills, strategic thinking, leadership ethics, and workload and dispute management. Another workshop on the art of management was delivered by Engineer Nasser al Moghaiseeb, who addressed several issues like modern management approaches, types of leadership, strategic and executive planning for team leaders, practical steps of building an effective team, and management of social and voluntary initiatives. In addition, a lecture by Qatar Charity was held at one of the branch's convention rooms.

QRCS' ambulance vehicles and medics covered several events by youth centres, including a sports competition by Al Dhakira a Youth Center, which attracted up to 73 athletes. Medical coverage was also provided during Al Dhakira's Marine Festival, whose manager commended QRCS' cooperation with Al Shamal's local community organisations.

source: Qatar Tribune