Posted on December 31, 2016

Qatari Red Crescent Society (QRCS) had intensified its relief efforts to keep pace with the various global humanitarian crises in 2016, according to its Qatar National Day report. The total cost of these relief and development activities since the beginning of 2016 has exceeded $36 million, of which $30 million was dedicated to Asia and $6 million for countries in Africa and Europe.

The QRCS cadres are spread in 25 countries. They took part in various relief methods preserving the dignity of victims, refugees and displaced people. In addition, they helped in the implementation of development projects for communities recovering from the effects of disasters. The Syrian crisis received a large share of aid and humanitarian projects this year. The budget for this assistance and projects has exceeded $17 million to meet the most urgent needs of displaced people within Syria and Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

The most prominent achievements in this regard included the establishment and operation of seven health centres and providing ambulance; and tents; anaesthesia and resuscitation medicines, in addition to mobile drinking water tanks in Aleppo. They also included the establishment of three new charitable cities within alternative housing project, the emergency response to the siege of Moadhamieh and the cities of Aleppo and Idlib and supporting the besieged areas in addition to receiving displaced people in the north of Aleppo and providing food aid and medicine.

Regarding the Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries, the QRCS mission carried out projects in Lebanon, including the rehabilitation of the sewerage network, the establishment of a charitable field kitchen, fixing thermal insulation inside tents and supporting four medical projects for Syrians residing in the town of Arsal in addition to the emergency response project in Lebanon, food distribution, orthopaedic surgeries, and the breast cancer scanning and treatment project.  In Jordan, the QRCS mission continued to implement the Qatari fund programme to treat wounded Syrians. It also carried out a project for paediatric cardiac catheterization operations, haemodialysis project and the programme of referring secondary healthcare cases to Jordanian hospitals.

For Syrian refugees in Iraq, the QRCS mission completed the construction of water network and sanitation facilities in the first and second phases of Qashtaba camp, in addition to the distribution of food baskets in collaboration with the World Food Programme. The QRCS also carried out urgent relief interventions in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Myanmar, Libya, Sudan, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Ukraine, Nepal and Haiti. It launched several appeals and humanitarian campaigns to assist people affected with armed conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Somalia.

The"Warm Winter" campaign was one of the seasonal projects carried out by the QRCS every year to help the needy categories to withstand the challenging humanitarian conditions. This year, the campaign was conducted on a wider scale to cover many areas. The campaign included the implementation of projects with the cost of over QR11 million to meet the needs of more than 200 thousand beneficiaries in Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan and Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraqi Kurdistan as well as Palestinian refugees and the Lebanese camps.

With regard to the provision of drinking water, QRCS has dug a large number of pump-equipped shallow and artesian wells in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Somalia, Mauritania and Chad. In the field of livelihood support, the QRCS implemented the second phase of the service complex for livelihood support and economic empowerment in central Darfur, Sudan, and launched the third phase of rehabilitation and integrated development programme in Somalia in addition to an income generation project in Myanmar.

source: Qatar Tribune