Posted on September 21, 2012

The Qatar Swimming Association (QSA) announced on Thursday that it is in the final stages of the preparations for the upcoming FINA Arena Swimming World Cup which will take place in Doha on October 6 to 7. The QSA also announced Aspetar as the official sponsor of the event for two years.

After signing the agreement with Aspetar’s Senior Advisor to the Executive Director, Abdulrahman al Qahtani, QSA President Khalil al Jabir said, “It’s a privilege to collaborate with Aspetar, a Qatari brand that is synonymous with the high levels of service and excellence in the field of medical facilities and back up.” Qahtani mentioned that Aspetar is proud to be the sponsor of such an event. “We are more than proud to provide the medical facilities at the Hamad Aquatic Centre and the place of stay for the swimmers.

There will be a clinic equipped with doctors and ambulances in case of any medical requirement. The Swimming World Cup will engage almost everyone in Qatar and we are extremely pleased to be playing the lead role in this event, “said Qahtani.

Jabir said that the city is ready to host the prestigious event. “The stage is set for the event. We are giving final touches to the preparations and hope that the event will be a huge success,” said Jabir.

According to the latest information provided by the QSA, 29 countries have confirmed their participation in the event. As many as 114 athletes and 36 team officials will figure in the two-day event. “The number is likely to increase as we still have time,” added Jabir.

The first round of the event will take place in Dubai, followed by Doha, Stockholm, Moscow, Berlin, Bejing, Tokyo and Singapore. Officials of the QSA confirmed the participation of 8 Qatari swimmers in the event adding that the number might increase in the coming days.

“Eight participants will represent Qatar and the number may go up to ten as our athletes are currently participating in the Gulf Championship in Bahrain. As soon as the results are on the table, we will take a decision about that,” explained Jabir. The QSA head also said Qatar would try to raise its organisation bar as the officials of the World Swimming Federation will also be present.

“They will be watching us. So obviously, we are and will be doing our best to ensure the success of the event. Moreover, they will also notice our coaches, judges and swimmers. On the basis of their performance, hopefully they might get a chance to participate in international meetings,” pointed out Jabir.

Also present on the occasion was Advisor to FINA, Petros Tsiallas, praised the efforts of the QSA and said that it would be a strong event. When asked if he satisfied with the plan in Doha, Tsialcas said, “Of course, I’m satisfied and hope we’ll have no issues during the event. It’s going to be a strong event as its happening just after the conclusion of the Olympic Games. Moreover, the QSA must be praised as it has attracted world class swimmers from all over the world.”

Tsiallas added, “It’s a twoday event which will host 36 individual events without any big break. So we should expect thrilling action in the finals.” Also, to ensure maximum capacity at the venue, the tickets have been priced a nominal QR10 and 5. The tickets will be available at the QOC centre in Landmark Mall and Hamad Aquatic Centre.

source: Qatar Tribune