Posted on June 24, 2011

Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP), in association with Qatar Scientific Club (QSC), will train over 1,600 students during a summer programme titled, ‘Future Scientist Summer Camp’. The camp will be held from June 26 to August 19. It is being organised and managed by the Planners, the country’s leading edutainment and cultural event managers. The programme will be held on the QSC premises.

Communications Director of QSTP Khaled al Mohannadi announced the details of the camp at a press meet on Wednesday. QSC Assistant Secretary-General Rashed al Ibrahim and the Managing Director of the Planners Gaby Dona were also present on the occasion. Al Mohannadi said the camp will include interactive sessions based on robotics, engineering, computer animation and game development.

“The interactive science exhibition carries over 200 exhibits illustrating the principles of music and sound, human biology, light, force, motion, electricity, ecology, health and genetics. The camp has an amazing array of activities planned and we are certain the children will have a good time. The medium of instruction will be both English and Arabic,” he said.

Al Mohannadi said the QSTP was committed to place its resources to serve youngsters in Qatar. “The summer camp is a wonderful opportunity for the children. This confirms our commitment to develop the country into a thriving technology and knowledge- based research hub. It is an opportunity to equip children and youth with sound technology so that they can become the science ambassadors of tomorrow,” he said.

Al Mohannadi said that he hoped such interactive training sessions and exciting exhibitions would ensure that the participants have a great time. The QSTP had organised a similar camp in 2010 which was well received. Al Ibrahim said the camp offered children with the best opportunities to spend their summer holiday in a ‘cool’ environment.

He said, “We are proud to be part of an initiative that will illustrate science-based lessons, using highly interactive learning experiences. The camp has amazing exhibits, workshops and activities that are informative and entertaining.” Dona said, “We promised the local community of developing an advanced cooperation with the QSC to offer children with the opportunity to be part of a science-based edutainment programme.

Our aim is to make science more fun and easy to learn.” The summer camp will begin with its first batch of 200 young participants who will attend workshops in the morning and a further 200 attending in the evening. Each batch will take two weeks to complete their summer camp experience and then a new group of 200 young people will begin in the next round.

source: Qatar Tribune