Posted on February 09, 2015

Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) has today signed a deal with Olery, provider of online hotel and travel data, to get immediate and real-time data and reports on the quality of the services and operations carried out by Qatar’s hotels.

The signing ceremony was attended by Hassan Al Ibrahim, Chief Tourism Development Officer at QTA, and Kim Van Wijngaard, CEO and co-founder of Olery,in the presence of His Excellency Issa bin Mohammed Al Mohannadi, Chairman of QTA, and Her Excellency Yvette Burghgraef – Van Eechoud, Holland’s Ambassador to Qatar. Through this agreement, QTA seeks to benefit from the Olery destination system, which draws on traveler and customer reviews to constantly monitor and analyze dozens of customer review sites across the world. Olery also aims to cover thousands of reviews each day to provide a deep insight into the customer experiences within Qatar’s hotels.

The strengths of the system lie in its ability to give a constant and consistent approach to the experiences of visitors to hotels worldwide, and analyzing the data to provide an overview of the destination’s hospitality industry. It can even compare the quality of the industry within Qatar to other destinations around the world or regionally. Olery’s Hospitality Performance Report will provide QTA with a tool which keeps up with Qatar’s dynamic and rapidly expanding hospitality sector. The report makes it possible to track the overall performance of the destination’s hotels, as well as to observe the performance of each hotel individually.

QTA will make use of these insights to promote a steady and consistent level of guest satisfaction across the whole hospitality industry. Further, by using the data as a basis for extensive market analysis, informed decisions on where support for specific hotels or hotel segments can be made.

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Hassan Al Ibrahim, Chief Tourism Development Officer at QTA said: “In line with the objectives set by the National Tourism Sector Strategy 2030, we strive to partner with our hospitality industry in Qatar, and to support them in any way we can, so we can develop together a sustainable, mature, and flourishing tourism sector. This system might provide QTA with insights into the industry, allowing us to re-allocate our resources to focus effectively on those issues which may be limiting our industry.”

Al Ibrahim added: “The system also gives us the ability to spot trends in individual hotels concerning their quality of services and customer services offered, allowing us to assist and take action before they impact on Qatar’s reputation as a destination.”

“We are excited that the Qatar Tourism Authority is joining the growing number of destination marketing organizations and authorities that really want to understand what guests experience in local hotels,” said Kim van den Wijngaard, CEO and co-founder of Olery, “This is what ultimately counts and what determines whether people come back and how they talk and write about the destination. This information in combination with the insights about the visitors themselves is the perfect basis for highly targeted marketing efforts.”

At the core of the data supplied to the Qatar Tourism Authority is the Guest Experience Index™, the only scientifically backed quality measures in the hospitality industry, resulting from a cooperative effort between Olery and VU University Amsterdam. The underlying algorithm is proprietary to the system, and this provides a fair output from all relevant customer reviews submitted across the world by visitors to Qatar, but scientifically factors in the reliability and accuracy of reviews; some of the review sites monitored include Tripadvisor, and many others.

Additionally, ratings for different aspects of the guest experience such as comfort, cleanliness and service are being included. Olery is also providing an online tool containing all data for the QTA to assess in real-time.

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