Posted on March 24, 2019

A two-day workshop on “Food Safety and Health Implications” was held at Qatar University (QU) to inform health care professionals about the foundations of food safety in health, which is required knowledge for the development of food safety and food inspection skills.

The training course is organized by the Department of Human Nutrition at the College of Health Sciences (CHS) and is presented by Dr Tahra El Obeid, Head of the Department of Human Nutrition, and Dr Vijay Ganji, Associate Professor of Nutrition at the College of Health Sciences as part of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This training course is the first workshop in a series of workshops targeting health inspectors and other healthcare professionals working in the field. A number of healthcare professionals attended the event from Hamad General Hospital and private medical centers. The Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) approved this CPD event for 10 Continuing Education (CE) hours for healthcare professionals.

The sessions highlighted the basic knowledge in food safety such as food borne diseases and the factors affecting their growth. It also demonstrated strategies on how to keep food safe and good hygiene practices applied to food service establishments. The workshop highlighted the various chemical reactions that occur in foods during their different processing and storage stages, the principles of food processing in terms of products, heat transfer and preservation and the implications to health. The course was a comprehensive training to build the capacity of all those working in the field of food safety.

The overall aim of this CPD event was to enhance food safety knowledge among all health care professionals by providing them with efficient information and tips on health implications and prevention of food borne illnesses.