Posted on October 20, 2019

Qatar University (QU) and International Drilling Fluids (IDF), an engineering consultancy service company, signed a MoU that involves research development and educational activities between the two parties in the oil and gas processing field. The agreement is expected to open the door for constructing a drilling laboratory in QU’s Gas Processing Center (GPC) in the near future.

QU’s Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Omar Al-Ansari and Chairman of IDF Dr. Koroush Tahmasbi were both present at the signing. Dr. Koroush Tahmasbi commented on the MoU saying, “We now have a base –a framework– to start our activities. We are very hopeful that the kind of knowledge that we have gained in other parts of the world will be transferred here. We can see a lot of enthusiasm in the people here, especially the people in charge of QU’s Gas Processing Center.” He adds, “Within a year or so we’re going to have some constructive results in our activities. We will start with a small program for training and quality control laboratory, and start to advance it in a month to come.”

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QU and International Drilling 3 [].jpg