Posted on February 15, 2018

The Safety Team at Qatar University College of Arts and Sciences (QU-CAS) held the “CAS Safety Awareness Week” on February 11-15, aimed at raising community awareness on health, safety and environment-related issues.

The event’s program included numerous presentations delivered by CAS Safety Team Chair Mr Jalal Hamdan, Professor of Physical Chemistry at CAS Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences Prof Jan Kwak, Environmental Safety Officer at QU Facilities and General Services Department Eng Abdulaziz Al-Yahri, QU Environmental and Sustainability Specialist Eng Husameldin Talballa, and Manager of Environmental Health and Safety at Texas A&M University at Qatar Mr David Onchagwa. They discussed a wide range of issues such as “Health and Safety – make it A PART – not apart”, “Laboratory Safety at Qatar University; A responsibility for all”, “Hazardous Chemical and Biological Waste Management”, “Sustainability Initiative”, and “Health and Safety in the Laboratory”.

QU-CAS hosts Safety Awareness 2 [].jpg

It also included a booth presented by QU Health Clinic under the theme “Know your numbers”. Health experts were on hand to provide visitors with blood pressure and sugar level tests. Also on the program were hands-on sessions on virtual firefighting and raising the fire alarm, given by QU Facilitates and General Services Department. Mr Jalal Hamdan said: “On its first year anniversary, CAS Safety Team organized a successful Safety Awareness Week campaign that targeted students, faculty and staff and brought together speakers from QU and external institutions. We were able to raise community awareness about health, safety and environmental issues.”