Posted on February 20, 2018

The Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) at Qatar University College of Arts and Sciences (QU-CAS) yesterday held the first workshop on “Collaboration Partnership in Sustainable Development” (CoPaSuDe).

Organized in collaboration with Cardiff Metropolitan University at the UK, the workshop aligns with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It aims to discuss the work of teams from Wales and Qatar that addresses SDGs. These include good health and wellbeing, climate change, life below water, life on land and sustainable cities and communities.

Attending the workshop were CSD Director Mr Hareb Al Jabri, Assistant Professor in Natural Resources Management Dr Mohamed Al Saidi and Assistant Professor in Biotechnology Dr Imen Saadoui; Cardiff Metropolitan University Professor of Environmental Public Health (School of Sport and Health Sciences) Prof George Karani, Professor of Biomedical Sciences & Biostatistics (School of Sport and Health Sciences) Prof Keith Morris, Architectural Technologist (School of Arts and Design) Dr John Littlewood and Qatari PhD Student Staff Brigadier (School of Sport and Health Sciences) Mr Ali Al Naimi, as well as CAS faculty, students, and staff.

The event’s program included presentations by speakers from Qatar University and Cardiff Metropolitan University. Discussions focused on many topics such as “CO2 sequestration to mitigate Climate Change”, “Environmental Public Health and Sustainable Development Research Case Studies”, “Simulations Treatment of Wastewater and Production of Microalgae Biomass”, “Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Sustainable Development”, and “Building Engineering and Environmental Sustainable Development Case Studies”.

Mr Hareb Al Jabri said: “The Center for Sustainable Development aims to provide sustainable solutions to address the various challenges caused by the rapid growth and development of the State of Qatar. We are currently conducting many research projects with emphasis on food and water security, environmental conservation, waste management, biotechnologies and natural resources governance. We strive to make this research relevant to Qatari society, while creating interdisciplinary research opportunities, in line with the objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030. To achieve this, the center will continue in its efforts to develop collaboration with local and international partners to promote sustainability.”

Mr Ali Al Naimi said: “As a Qatari citizen, I am delighted that teams from Wales and Qatar have organized a workshop to discuss issues related to sustainable development. I believe that the workshop’s discussions will lead to more fruitful collaboration between QU and Cardiff Metropolitan University.”