Posted on May 03, 2018

Qatar University College of Education (QU-CED) and Teach For Qatar have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to foster their long-term collaboration and ensure the development of teachers and betterment of education in the country. 

While both parties have been collaborating since the launch of Teach For Qatar, the MoU reinforces their mutual benefit of investing in highly qualified individuals to become teachers and educate Qatar’s future leaders. As part of the agreement, CED and Teach For Qatar will further collaborate on the exchange of experiences and expertise such as workshops, teacher training and educational research and guidance. CED will also assist Teach For Qatar in its plan to incorporate a fourth subject, Arabic, to the programme. The organisation currently recruits fellows to join the Leadership Journey and teach classes ranging from fifth to ninth grade in English, Mathematics and Science. 

In his remarks, CED dean Dr Ahmed al-Emadi said: “Through signing this MoU, CED is demonstrating its commitment to expand its collaborations with educational institutions with the aim to promote the education sector in Qatar.” “Institutional work cannot succeed in this world where all the subjects, the concerns, the relations and the interests are interrelated,” he noted. “Additionally, institutions cannot achieve success without establishing collaborations despite their human resources and financial capacities.” Teach For Qatar CEO Nasser al-Jaber said: “We at Teach For Qatar are keen on formalising and strengthening our existing relationship with QU-CED, which will help us in continuing to enhance teacher training and educational research.”

“The organisation has already conducted various workshops for over 200 students from the CED and we look forward to working more closely with the University to benefit from their knowledge,” he added. Teach For Qatar established strategic partnerships with many local educational institutions and continues to seek out and develop fruitful collaborations. These partnerships help support Teach For Qatar in its vision of establishing a nation of excellence in which every student has the resources and knowledge to serve as an active participant in the nation’s progress.

source: Gulf Times