Posted on January 05, 2017

Qatar University College of Health Sciences (QU-CHS) concluded the 5th round of its Sciences Education and Human Health Activity (SEHHA) campaign which was held on November 29 until December 22 in collaboration with QU colleges of Medicine (CMED) and Pharmacy (CPH) to support the health care sector in Qatar.

The campaign aims to provide high-school students with an in-depth learning experience in health-related sciences, and to showcase the myriad of careers that can emerge from pursuing study in health-related fields.

In its 5th round, SEHHA drew 70 Qatari students from 16 international and independent schools in Qatar. On the first day of each of the four inclusive cycles, the students had the opportunity to interact with health cluster faculty and to participate in a wide range of activities that included hands-on experimentations in biomedical sciences, public health, human nutrition, and pharmacy and medicine programs. On the second day of each cycle, the students had a field trip to QU Research Complex and various hospitals at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). 

CHS Dean and QU Biomedical Research Center (BRC) Director Prof Asmaa Al-Thani said: “We are glad to witness such a brilliant success in SEHHA. The event continues to offer an incredible opportunity for high-school students to broaden their perception regarding health sciences and their applications. We aim to empower this generation with essential qualities that accommodate the ever-increasing demands for skilled health professionals in the recent century. Being a part of a college that is unique of its kind in the country hold us chargeable to enhance the health care sector in Qatar. SEHHA program has been carefully designed to accomplish its constructive purpose and meaningful rewards.”

QU Vice President for Medical Education and CMED Dean Dr Egon Toft said: “I think SEHHA is an exciting opportunity for national high-school students to get familiarized with the health care professions at Qatar University. This year especially, SEHHA has expanded into a larger cluster level event to include the three health colleges: the colleges of Health Sciences, Pharmacy and Medicine. I believe that this wide exposure will guide the students in choosing their career path, therefore, attracting the right students to the right field. SEHHA has left a very positive impression. National high-school students have got the chance to be exposed to all health-related majors at Qatar University. This will definitely guide the students in making the right choices in their career path.”

CPH Dean Dr Mohammad Diab said: “SEHHA has been an excellent platform to inspire Qatari students to explore opportunities in health-related disciplines. Through hands-on training, this program has allowed students excelling in science to experience the colleges of Pharmacy, Health Sciences and Medicine as well as to be exposed to the roles that health care providers hold in hospitals through visits to our health care stakeholders at HMC which enables them to learn about the professions before they apply. The College of Pharmacy supports this initiative as it is a wonderful chance to encourage the future generation of Qatar’s leaders to pursue careers in health care by showcasing the opportunities available to them.”