Posted on January 25, 2019

The safety team at Qatar University’s (QU) College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) held an awareness event on health, safety and environmental related issues entitled “CAS Safety Awareness Week” from January 21-24.

The event included numerous presentations delivered by CAS Safety Team, QU Health Clinic, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) at QU’s Facilities and General Services Department, Qatar Red Crescent and Texas A&M Qatar’s safety office. The event includes hands-on firefighting trials, delivered by the HSE fire team, who also gave an insight into what they do as a university based office. QU Health Clinic provided attendees with basic health tests such as measuring blood pressure and blood sugar levels, which also helped to raise health awareness. Qatar Red Crescent provided information on resuscitation and first aid by offering training to participants.

CAS Safety Team Chair, Jalal Hamdan spoke at the event saying, “One of the CAS Safety Team’s many objectives is to raise awareness on health and safety through all possible communication channels. On this occasion we are proud to host a successful convention to meet that target, with participants from within the QU community and also from outside it.”

source: The Peninsula