Posted on October 17, 2016

Qatar University College of Pharmacy (QU-CPH) recently held its 7th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Organized by the newly-elected executives of Qatar Pharmacy Undergraduate Society (QPhUS), the event invited QU students, alumni, faculty and staff, to learn more about the disease, its detection and prevention, as well as wear pink to recognize and support people suffering with breast cancer and their families in Qatar and around the world. 27 CPH students contributed to an awareness booth that was set up in Women’s Science Building - Atrium to brief students and visitors on breast cancer, its detection and prevention. They provided over 100 visitors with pink ribbons and information brochures, and invited them to add their pink fingerprint to the “Ribbon of Hope” and take photos at the “selfie booth” in support of breast cancer survivors.

QU CPH holds 7th Annual Breast 2 [].jpg

CPH Dean Dr Mohammad Diab said: “We emphasize to our students since their first year the importance of health promotion and outreach. I am proud to see the energy and enthusiasm of our students while they communicate with their peers about such important issues. This event is a vital way to spread knowledge to other students, and is often their first source of information on breast cancer. This highlights CPH commitment to empowering students at an early stage in their academic experience to be innovative and develop strong counselling skills that add value to their academic and personal development, and which enable them to realize a successful career as pharmacists.”

QPhUS President Amani Al-Haddad said: “It is important to increase the society awareness on breast cancer. Through discussions and dissemination of information, we hope students will gain further understanding about the disease and share this valuable information with their friends and families at home.” 1st-year CPH student Dhabya M Al Khater said: “Our participation in this outreach event was a great learning opportunity for us. I am proud to be a member of such a proactive and energetic college.” 

QU CPH holds 7th Annual Breast 3 [].jpg