Posted on April 15, 2018

Qatar University announced, in a press conference, the organization of the 3rd Annual International Conference on English Language Teaching that will be held on 21 and 22 April of this year under the theme, “ELT in Arabia: Changing Needs & Emerging Trends”.

During the press conference Dr Hezam Al-Awah, Director of Foundation Program and Dr Nadeem Hashem, Acting Associate Director of Foundation Program had announced that the conference will be attended by roughly 400 delegates from the GCC, USA, UK, India, Iran, Pakistan, and Algeria. In addition to the keynote speakers from the United States of America.

The conference will be attended by academics, researchers and English teachers from schools. The US Embassy in Doha, in coordination with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, sponsored 50 teachers from Qatar to participate in the conference to share best practices and experiences. On the importance of holding this conference, Dr Al-Awah commented, “Holding this conference for the third year on a row comes from the excellent success we had during the first two editions.  Through these conferences, we are working to provide a platform for all to access the newest research results and recommendations in the field of English language teaching, with a focus on those related to the use of modern technologies in the teaching process.”

Dr Al-Awah stressed on the fact that the English language teaching in the Foundation Program at Qatar University is in accordance with the highest international standards, both in terms of classrooms and its facilities, the developed curricula and even the selection of faculty members to make sure they have the highest qualifications to teach in the program. Dr Hashem, said, “The essence of hosting such an international event is to provide a platform for English teachers and other experts in the field to meet and exchange useful ideas. This is very important in the current dispensation where English language is the global language for commerce and diplomacy.”

During the two days event, 90 presentations will be discussed, and these include research-oriented sessions, workshops and new teaching approaches. In addition to lectures and interactive workshops with teachers and those interested in English language teaching. An exhibition hall will feature renowned international publishing houses as well as other organisations that contribute to the teaching and learning of English language. The President of the university, Dr Hassan Al-Derham, will inaugurate the conference on Saturday 21 April in Ibn Khaldoon Hall, Qatar University. 

This year, the conference will discuss the English language teaching from a perspective of responding to the change in the growing demands for learning and teaching English in the job market and the emergence of social media and rise of technology use. These tools have become areas of interest for researchers and teachers for their roles in the acquisition and development of language skills among language learners.

This conference is the third of its kind organized by the Foundation Program at Qatar University and comes after several years of success and experience. Through its successive sessions, the conference has been an effective academic platform for teachers and teachers of English as well as for those involved in education in general. The conference helps teachers find new ways to engage and integrate learners in the classroom, as English is an important tool for professional development.