Posted on February 20, 2020

Qatar University’s QU Health, which includes the health entities of all QU colleges, organized an event for its students dedicated to mental health, which saw the participation of 103 faculty and students.

The event saw students participating in group discussions on the topic of mental health with faculty members from different professional perspectives. By discussing the role of each of the participating professions in achieving sound mental health, students were able to understand how cooperation among different health professions improves health outcomes.

The students were also given a mock case related to a mental disorder, where they were able to observe a number of consequent symptoms. Through collaboration and communication between the different health disciplines, students assessed the situation using their specialized abilities and practiced teamwork, role-play and patient focus. Assistant Professor of Public Health in QU’s College of Health Sciences, Lily O'Hara said, “In this interprofessional health activity students were able to uncover the roles of health professionals in providing proper health care for a young women with a mental disorder and a number of related physical and behavioral concerns. Students developed a more in-depth understanding of the complementary roles of different health professions in addressing mental health issues at the individual and community level.”

QU health care students collaborate 2 [].jpg

Pharmacy student Fatma Nazzar commented saying, “Mental health is a very critical issue and is affected by many factors. That's why all health care professions are important pieces needed to solve this very complex puzzle.” College of Health Sciences student Sara Falamarzi added, “This activity has given us the opportunity to better appreciate the roles and responsibilities of various health professional disciplines outside our specialty.” College of Health Sciences student Maha Al-Qashooty said, “I learned that collaboration among members of the medical team is necessary to provide effective health care that meets the needs of patients.”

It is worth mentioning that QU Health was established to provide closer alignment and integration between the health entities at QU, creating a dynamic and diverse environment that embraces qualified experts in the health care professionals’ education. QU Health is comprised of the College of Health Sciences, College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Dental Medicine and the QU Health Clinic.

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