Posted on May 14, 2018

The Core Curriculum Program at Qatar University (QU) recently hosted a symposium titled “ibTECHar: A Success Story in Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, presented by ibTECHar Digital Solutions Founder Mr. Nayef Al-Ibrahim.

The symposium aimed to promote the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among QU students and to equip them with the skills and competencies to become the future professionals and leaders who will contribute to the country’s growth.

QU hosts ibTECHar A Success 2 [].jpg

QU Dean of General Studies Prof. Ibrahim Al-Kaabi said: “This symposium aligns with QU’s new strategy. It provides students with a platform to enrich their experience and helps them with their future careers. As Qatar’s national university, QU is committed to equip the labor market with highly-skilled professionals who will effectively contribute to building a knowledge-based economy.” QU Core Curriculum Director Dr. Rana Sobh said: “The symposium aims to expose students to real-life success stories achieved by QU graduates to inspire and motivate them through their academic journey. Mr. Al-Ibrahim presented his successful experience and creative initiatives, which he launched when he was a student at the College of Engineering at Qatar University.”