Posted on March 13, 2016

Qatar University Information Technology Services (QU-ITS) held a series of workshops on “Risk Management” on January 11-14 and March 6-10, 2016. The aim of the workshops was to orient members of the department’s various teams on risks definition, expected risks in daily activities, and ways of managing them.

Over 10 participants attended the workshops that were conducted by ITS Information Systems specialist and certified lead auditor for ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 Mrs Hend Hammad, in which she noted that risk management applies to any activities or operations and is not restricted to information technology or security; that every QU department or operation can face risks and should have a process to identify, assess, and mitigate them in an effective manner.

QU ITS holds a series of workshops 2 [].jpg

ITS chief information officer Mr Trevor Moore presented participants with letters of appreciation. He expressed his support for the ongoing risk management activities at QU and envisions them becoming embedded in all its IT operations. Information Security and Compliance manager Mr Mohamad Eljazzar emphasized the importance for organizations of all sizes to understand and analyze major risks that may threaten the continuity of their business. “A holistic risk management process that is repeatable and measurable is a valuable tool that can help focus resources where they matter most. The results of the risk management workshops should enhance IT and information security management at QU”, he said.

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