Posted on March 08, 2015

Qatar University (QU) recently announced a new initiative to attract high-achieving secondary school students to make application for early conditional admission to undergraduate programs for Fall 2015. Department of Admissions director Ms Nouf Al-Kuwari explained that early conditional admission is provisional admission pending successful completion of the final year of high school and submission of all admission requirements. Students granted early conditional admission will learn the successful result on March 26, and will gain placement in their first college choice, she said.

Ms Al-Kuwari said: “This initiative is just as exciting for us as the students who will gain early admission.  It is our way of promoting the qualities of perseverance and determination to succeed to students preparing for the next phase in their academic journey.  It is also a motivating factor for them to work hard and push for excellence in their final scores.  We look forward to receiving their applications and later to welcoming them as the first early admits to QU”.  

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All Qatari citizens as well as students of Qatari parents currently in the 12th grade who have earned a minimum of 85% in the 11th grade and 85% in the 1st semester of their 12th grade are eligible for admission consideration to the colleges of Arts & Sciences, Business & Economics, Education, Engineering, Law, Pharmacy and Sharia & Islamic Students; and 95% for admission to the College of Medicine. In addition to fulfilling the regular official requirements, applicants seeking early conditional admission must also submit, by March 19, a certified copy of Grade 11 transcript and Grade 12 transcript of the first semester, as well as a copy of their Qatar ID.  

In its announcement, the Department stressed that applicants who do not satisfy the early conditional admission minimum requirements will still be considered for regular First-Year admission upon submission all required documents including final, official and certified high school transcripts before July 7.