Posted on April 12, 2020

As a precaution and preventive measure against the emerging virus Corona Qatar University, in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment represented by the Municipality of Doha (Department of Gardens), has organized a campaign to sanitize and disinfect university buildings and facilities, as part of precautionary and preventive measures to counter the emerging corona virus (COVID-19) and prevent its spread.

Sanitization, spraying and disinfection work included the internal streets of the campus, administrative buildings, various colleges and research centers, as well as the library and all car parks, as the campaign started in different stages, starting from April 5 till April 8.

QU sanitizes its buildings in 2 [].jpg

In a statement on this campaign, Eng. Mai Fetais, Director of Facilities and General Services at Department of Facilities and General Services QU, said: "The sterilization and disinfection campaign carried out by the university in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipalities and the Environment is in line with the measures taken by the state to confront the Corona virus and its repercussions, and based on the keenness of both parties to maintain the safety and health of society." “We in the Administration of Public Facilities and Services have been keen since the outbreak of this epidemic to implement all precautionary measures and to adapt precautions, in the interest of the safety of the university community, in addition to our endeavor to secure preventive health for our students and the teaching and administrative staff before the decision to resume work and study at the university starts again,” she added.

It is worth mentioning that Qatar University works in accordance with the precautionary measures followed by the State of Qatar to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus (COVID-19), and from this standpoint only administrative and academic staff are allowed to enter the campus, while students from all levels of education continue to pursue distance education using different online platforms.