Posted on March 09, 2016

The Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI) at Qatar University (QU) held a seminar on “The services provided by SESRI at QU towards enhancing and promoting research activities” on March 6 to orient members of the College of Education’s (CED) Educational Research Unit. The seminar was delivered by SESRI director Dr Darwish Al-Emadi and highlighted the ways in which SESRI provides support to research and scholarly activities within QU, as well as its collaborations with institutions from the academia and industry sectors.

QU SESRI activities and services 2 [].jpgAttendees included QU Associate VP for Academic Affairs Dr Khalid Al Ali, CED dean Dr Hissa Sadiq, and University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research Center of Political Studies (CPS) director Dr Ken Kollman, CPS research professor emeritus Dr Michael Traugott and CPS associate director David Howell. Dr Al-Emadi delivered a presentation on “Leading Survey Research in Qatar and the Region”, in which he highlighted the various services provided by the Institute in support of the Unit’s research activities such as study design, questionnaire design and development, sampling, data collection, statistical analysis, report preparation, training, data archiving, access to questionnaire databases, and proposal support.

Dr Al-Emadi also highlighted SESRI’s main focus areas, and pointed to projects addressing national priorities such as “Political attitudes and behavior in the Arab Gulf states”, “Attracting and utilizing global human capital and foreign knowledge through migration, trade, and investment for local capacity development”, “Water, energy, and food policies in the GCC region”, “Educational attainment and quality”, “Transition into the workforce”, “Economics, quality and satisfaction with public services”, and “Gender and family policies”. He also gave a brief insight into SESRI’s survey methodologies, training sessions and workshops offered in the academic year, such as the workshop on “Application of MaxQDA in Qualitative Research Data Analysis” held on March 7-8 in conjunction with University of Michigan to build faculty, student and community capacity in the area of research.

“In sharing our research and survey methodologies with the College’s Educational Research Unit, we are helping to imbed a culture of survey research within such units and departments at QU. SESRI continues in its mission to address contemporary issues that impact the wider community by providing high-quality survey data to guide evidence-based planning and research in the social and economic sectors”, Dr Al-Emadi said, adding, “In keeping with its commitment to strengthening links with government and private organizations, the Institute also continues to build collaborations and strategic partnerships with industry, government, academia, business and civil society to address real challenges and offer sustainable solutions that will contribute to the country’s development and progress.”