Posted on November 16, 2016

Qatar University College of Education (QU-CED) recently signed an agreement with Jyväskylä University (JYU) to establish collaboration in the field of education and research.

The agreement was signed by CED Dean Dr Ahmed Al-Emadi and Jyväskylä University Rector Prof Matti Manninen in the presence of CED Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies Prof Yahya Al-Nakeeb, JYU Faculty of Education Dean Prof Marja-Leena Laakso, and JYU Faculty of Education Vice Dean Prof Anna-Maija Poikkeus, as well as officials and faculty from both institutions. The terms of the agreement include collaboration on the development of QU Early Childhood Center and Physical Education and Sports Studies Program, research publications, and the exchange of faculty, researchers and students. The agreement also covers joint conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as collaborative research projects and funding. Both institutions will also cooperate to establish a Doctoral program (PhD) in Education.

The agreement is part of an official trip to JYU, in which Dr Ahmed Al-Emadi and Prof Yahya Al-Nakeeb visited JYU Early Childhood Center and Kuokkala primary school in the city of Jyväskylä. The trip also included a wide range of activities such as a presentation on JYU educational psychology, research projects and laboratories, an introduction on the tools and methods used for data collection and analysis by the University’s faculty members and students, an introduction to the Finnish Physical program, and a visit to the famous Finish scientist and educator Alvar Aalto Museum.

QU signs agreement with Jyväskyla 2 [].jpg

Commenting on the agreement, Dr Ahmed Al-Emadi said: “By signing this agreement, CED reinforces its positioning as a leading partner in contributing to the development of the education sector in Qatar, which is an essential pillar of the country’s ambitions towards a knowledge-based economy. The College continues its commitment towards expanding its international collaborations to advance its academic programs and outcomes and to provide quality education that is aligned with international standards and that ultimately impacts our students and their future success.”

Prof Matti Manninen applauded the initiative of establishing collaborative activities and exchange programs for faculty and students between Qatar University and Jyväskylä University, which will contribute to sharing good educational practice and to enhancing the quality of research and scholarly activities of students and faculty from both institutions.